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Albohes Z5 robot window cleaner
Albohes Z5 Window Cleaning Robot Review
Albohes Z5 is a window cleaning robot for framed windows and other smooth surfaces like tiles, tables, and walls. In
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Best Electric Lawn Mowers
In this guide: Corded lawn mower benefits: Here are the best electric corded lawn mowers with large cutting width (18-21
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Best snow blowers
Best Snow Blower Reviews (Winter of 2018/2019)
Looking for the best snow blower for your needs? First thing you’ll want to think about is the power source. These
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KD Smart Chair
Electric Wheelchairs: The Ultimate Guide to Power Wheelchairs (2019)
(includes reviews and best chairs) In this guide, you’ll learn: There are several factors pertaining to the powered wheelchair that
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9 things to consider when buying a mobility scooter, Infographic
Are you considering to buy a mobility scooter? Take a look at the main features and questions you should ask
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traveling with a mobility scooter
Traveling with a mobility scooter
Mobility scooters can give you back your independence. Almost anywhere you used to visit or plan to visit can be
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Best Tennis Ball Machines to Improve Your Game in 2019
Improve your tennis game with tennis ball machines but don’t buy just any tennis ball machine. Not all tennis ball
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Why you need a defibrillator (AED) at home/office
SCA or Sudden cardiac arrest is one of the leading causes of death in the United States. Every year hundreds of
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MicrodermMD Unit
MicrodermMD home microdermabrasion machine review
My sister really loves facials (and manicures and pedicures, pretty much any sort of pampering!) but with her son (my
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Cooking and BBQ guides

Best flat top grill
Types of food that are best cooked with a flat top grill: pancakes and crepes fried eggs and omelette bacon, grilled
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Camp Chef Pellet Grill Review
Latest updates: Nov 12, 2016 – updated pricing info Welcome to the Camp Chef PG24 pellet grill and smoker review
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Masterbuilt 20070411 30-Inch Top Controller Electric Smoker with Window and RF Controller
My year with a Masterbuilt electric smoker
Last year my husband and I leased a condo for a year while I was on temporary assignment for my
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REC TEC Wood Pellet Grill
My favorite pellet grill – REC TEC wood pellet grill review
First off let me say that when the REC TEC wood pellet grill was first delivered I thought I had
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Guides for DIYers

Tig welders
TIG Welders ultimate comparison table
TIG Welding, also known as GTAW – Gas Tungsten Arc Welding, is often characterized as follows: Super clean (no smoke,
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hobart handler 140
Hobart Handler 140 MIG welder review
Should you buy the Hobart 140 MIG welder? Check out the video or read the text version of the Hobart Handler
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JET 354170/JDP 20MF 20 Inch Floor Drill Press
Best Drill Presses
Drilling can be cumbersome when you don’t t have the right tool. Luckily, with the availability of drill presses, drilling
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cynthia brown
Cynthia Brown started out of necessity. Cynthia was looking to buy an at-home beauty equipment and doing research online and while she found many websites discussing the topics, she struggled to find a reliable resource. A lot of the sites she found were stuffed with promotional materials or otherwise biased and offering incomplete information.

As she was doing her research and consulting with dermatologists she wrote down pros and cons of each product and that resulted in a comparison table. She decided to publish it online as a blog post and hence this website was born.

Because of the quality of the content, Cynthia received great feedback from the community. So not much later, her husband Tom had a similar issue when looking for DIY equipment and a grill for their household. So he reviewed a lot of grills and wrote a post about pellet grills.

Not much later a few friends joined too and are now, more or less frequently, contributing to our site.

First-hand experience combined with expert advice and the experience of the customers

When doing these comparison tables and product reviews, we use our own first-hand experience and we have our close friends and family use the products too.

We discuss with experts and ask their opinion and experience for what matters the most when buying a certain product. Often times there is no one product in a category that fits all needs. The buyer has to make up their own mind about what features or qualities are most important for him/her and from then on it’s much easier to pick the one best product for her needs.

We contact the manufacturers to query them about their products and we look at how other customers are using the products. What do they like or hate about a certain product or the company offering it. Sometimes you find a product that works perfectly for you but many other people have issues with it. Another time it’s the customer service that matters the most. As a consumer, it is hard to keep all these things in mind so I know we’re helping many people. And if not to pick the one best product for them, then at least make them think about the necessary aspects to consider when making a purchase.

What is great about purchasing online is that you are not limited to one brand or manufacturer like it so often happens when you shop in the brick-and-mortar stores. There are no sleazy salespeople, so you can take your time, do your research and not get persuaded into a wrong decision.

Smarter purchasing decisions

Our aim is to help you make a smarter purchasing decision. There are too many low-quality products out there and too many companies that fail to offer quality customer service. We want you to avoid spending your money on the crappy products and companies that literally flood most of the market in this capitalist world of ours.