About Us

Our mission at OnlyTopReviews is to make homeowners life easier and more enjoyable. We do this by bringing you articles and in-depth guides about various topics that accompany homeowners, both recent and long-time owners.

We suggest tips and tricks and sometimes products in easy-to-follow comparison tables to make your purchasing decision as easy and accurate as possible. You want the best product for your needs. We believe that not every product is best in all categories and suitable for everybody so we tell our readers which products are best for particular needs.

Our researchers make great effort to bring our readers easy-to-follow comparison tables that not only list best product features but also where they lack and what makes these products different from one-another.

Meet our team

cynthia brownCynthia Brown

Cynthia can’t live a week without writing and reading. She has written many children’s books and works as a full time writer and editor. She loves marketing, yoga and travels quite a bit.

email: cynthia [at] onlytopreviews.com


Mike loves hiking, camping, being outdoors with friends and family, sports and martial arts.
email: mike [at] onlytopreviews.com

Tom E. Ferrald

Tom loves diy projects, cooking & BBQ, and spending time with friends on the patio and in his back yard.
email: tom [at] onlytopreviews.com