Pride Mobility S74 mobility scooter

What is the best mobility scooter to buy in 2020?

Last updated on April 13th, 2020

Overall BestBest Long RangeBest FoldableUnder $1,000Heavy DutyEnclosed Cabin

Shoprider Sunrunner

Merits Silverado

SmartScoot Lithium

Drive Medical Scout Compact

E-Wheels EW-36

Afikim Afiscooter S
Overall Best
Most Comfortable
37.5 milesFoldable (40 lbs)#1 BestsellerHeavy duty (350 lbs)Winner of the reddot design award

Mobility scooters are not just a faster way to get from point A to B. For people who can no longer walk long distances, these vehicles are lifesavers, literally.  Purchasing a power scooter can give grandpa (or mom/dad/grandma/you) back the freedom and independence you’ve always known them for.

If you or someone you know have trouble going to the grocery store, no longer plans vacations because of the amount of walking involved, or just have trouble getting around your house you should consider trying a mobility scooter.

Power scooters are ideal for adults and elderly people who can still walk a little bit but have problems with stamina and strength.

Note: Mobility scooters are quite powerful devices, offering rather high speed. If you’re looking for something smoother, or perhaps more suitable for the disabled, you should take a look at our guide on best electric wheelchairs.

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Expert advice: Don’t buy just any mobility scooter. Decide what is the most important criteria for you (or the person who’ll be using the scooter). Portability, traveling long distances, weight capacity, comfort, speed, maneuverability?  Then pick the top rated model in that category. Our expert mobility scooter reviews will make it easy to pick the best mobility scooter for your needs. If you need any assistance, leave a comment at the bottom of the article.

Cheers to getting back your mobility and freedom!

Overall Best Mobility Scooters (for the elderly)

ImageScooter Manufacturer and ModelSale PriceAverage RatingCustomer Reviews
Most Comfortable
Shoprider Sunrunner
Pride Mobility Go-Go Sport 4-wheel Electric Travel Scooter Heavy Duty S74$1379.004.561
Drive Medical Phoenix Heavy Duty$1299.004.466
Most purchased
Drive Medical Scout Compact
Top Rated
SmartScoot Lithium, Lightweight, Foldable Travel Electric Scooter

Best Long Range Mobility Scooters

These power scooters are most suitable for outdoors use. They give you an extended travel range of up to 45 miles on a single charge.

ScooterScooter ModelRangePrice
#1 bestseller
Merits Silverado Extreme 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter
37.5 miles$4,698.00
Maximum Range
E-Wheels EW-42
45 miles$2999.00
Merits Silverado 4-Wheel25/32 miles$3,600.00
E-Wheels EW-72 4-Wheel43 miles$2,899.00

Best Foldable Lightweight Mobility Scooters

Are you traveling a lot? Want to take your scooter to the other side of the country? Or perhaps around the world on an airplane?

These portable scooters are easy to fold and transport in the trunk of your car. Or take them with you on a cruise ship, and even an airplane.

Top Rated
SmartScoot Lithium, Lightweight, Foldable Travel Electric Scooter
39 lbs2299.004.914
EV Rider Transport Foldable Travel Senior Electric Mobility Scooter60 lbs1288.004.85
Transformer Electric Folding Mobility Scooter (Blue)55 lbs2195.004.47
Popular Choice
72 lbs899.99430
Easy Travel Elite Folding Lightweight Travel Electric Mobility Scooter58 lbs1477.903.97

#1 Scooter for traveling (and the most lightweight)

SmartScoot Lithium

Mobility scooter for traveling

If you are looking for a lightweight mobility scooter that you can fit into the trunk of your Toyota Prius or take with you on a cruise ship or airplane, then we suggest you take a closer look at SmartScoot Lithium power travel scooter.

What we like about it

Weighing only 39.5 lbs (18 kg) SmartScoot Lithium is the most lightweight mobility scooter there is. The heaviest section weighs 27 lbs (12 kg), which is the lightest there is on the market today.

Because SmartScoot is so lightweight and easy to fold and unfold it makes it a perfect scooter for traveling and taking it with you in a car. One of the major benefits of SmartScoot is that it fits easily in most automobile trunks and in all SUV’s and Vans. For example, it fits in a Toyota Prius with no issues. Just take off the seat and battery and lift it into the trunk of your car.

at the airport with mobility scooter

Perfect for traveling. You can even take the SmartScoot with you on a cruise ship or airplane. It’s Airlines Approved, just print the FAA documents.

No tools required to fold/unfold. Easily breaks apart into 3 sections.

The frame is made of stainless steel, making it strong, rust-proof and durable.

Unlike most other scooters, SmartScoot Lithium, as the name suggests, comes with a Lithium Ion battery out-of-the-box. That’s one reason why it’s so lightweight. The Lithium Ion battery also gives SmartScoot a longer than average operating range – up to 12 miles with one charge.

The tires are solid rubber so they won’t ever go flat.

What’s not so great about it

It’s pricier than most other scooters so make your own decision if the freedom it can give you is worth the price tag  (I believe it is).


Weight39.5 lbs
Max speed7 MPH
Weight capacity300 lbs
Comes apart? (heaviest piece)Yes (27 lbs)
Max Range12 miles
Turning radiusN/A
Max climbing angleN/A
ExtrasAirlines Approved, Super lightweight
Warranty2 years on the scooter frame, 1 year on all parts and batteries

Buy SmartScoot Lithium

Best Heavy Duty Mobility Scooters

These scooters are most suitable for people who

  1. want to take the scooter far (up to 45 miles) without recharging
  2. weigh more than 250 lbs (113 kg)
  3. like to go fast when needed.

ScooterScooter ModelWeightRangeSpeedPriceReviews
#1 bestseller
E-Wheels EW-36 High Power Fast 3 Wheel Mobility Scooter
350 lbs45 miles18 MPH2099.004.1 (10)
Max Capacity
EWheels EW-72 4 Wheel Hight Power Fast Mobility Scooter
500 lbs43 miles15 MPH2795.003 (2)
E-Wheels Jellybean Collection Electric Mobility Scooter – Bright Blue350 lbs45 miles18 MPH2995.005 (1)

#1 Long Range Mobility Scooter

E-Wheels EW-36

Most electric scooters can travel up to 10 miles without a recharge.

EW-36 from E-Wheels will take you 45 miles (72 km) on a single charge.

Long range mobility scooterlong distance mobility scooter EW-36

That’s 4-5 times more distance covered than what most other scooters offer.

EW-36 is a true heavy-duty scooter by all means:

  • Comes with 4 x 12V 20ah batteries
  • Maximum weight capacity up to 400 lbs
  • Comes with a large 18-inch foldable seat
  • Maximum speed 18 MPH (29 km/h) makes it by far the fastest mobility scooter on the market
  • Longest operating range: 45 miles

It also comes with a built-in anti-theft alarm system.

In conclusion:

EW-36 is not the lightest and most portable scooter out there, nor is it the cheapest ($1,999.00) ..

But if you like a heavy duty machine that will last and not leave you in trouble on long trips then EW-36 is your #1 choice.

You’ll also like it if you want to get around fast.


Weight200 lbs
Max speed18 MPH
Weight capacity400 lbs
Comes apart? (heaviest piece)No
Max Range45 miles
Turning radiusN/A
Max climbing angleN/A
ExtrasAnti-theft alarm, adjustable headrest
Warranty3 years

Note: Currently the best available price ($1,999.00) is on Amazon, and it comes with a free shipping.

Buy E-Wheels EW-36

Best Mobility Scooters Under $1000

We understand that you don’t always have an unlimited budget, so we’ve compiled the best under $1000 mobility scooters in this table.

#1 Bestseller
Drive Medical Scout Compact, 4 Wheel
Popular choice
Drive Medical Scout Compact Travel Power Scooter, 3 Wheel
It’s the 3 Wheel version of the above best seller, adding better maneuverability.
Top Rated
Drive Medical Scout DST 4-Wheel Travel Scooter, Red and Blue
Buzzaround Lite 3 Wheel Scooters Seat Size: 15″ W x 14″ D$849.004.85
Drive Medical Scout DLX Compact Travel Scooter, 4 Wheel$755.504.59
Drive Medical Bobcat 4 Wheel Compact Scooter, Red$688.004.344
Go-Go Ultra X 3-Wheel Travel Mobility Scooter Including 5 Year Ext. Warr.$829.004.134

Enclosed Cabin Mobility Scooters

We don’t yet have much information and feedback from the owners of these type of scooters. Enclosed scooters are more luxurious and come with  many extra features like heavy duty batteries, windshield wipers, LCD control displays etc. They are great for those days with less than perfect weather. They are also more expensive than the regular open models.

ImageModelMax CapacityPriceRatingReviews
Top Rated
Winner of the reddot design award
Afikim Afiscooter S 4-Wheel Scooter (with 2 Batteries)
350 lbs$4489.0051
#1 bestseller
Shoprider Flagship Enclosed Scooter, Blue
350 lbs$6950.0044
Super heavy duty
Fits 3 people
Green Transporter Q Air Pod 4-Wheel Mobility Scooter (Golf Cart)
728 lbs$4895.00N/A0
Royals 4S PF7S Power Scooter with 12v 79Ah Battery and Canopy350 lbs$6599.00N/A0
All Weather Electric Mobility Scooter (Black)400 lbs$5999.00N/A0

Six top Mobility Scooter reviews


1. Drive Medical Phoenix 4HD Heavy Duty (Rating 4.8)

Drive Medical Phoenix HD power scooterThe Drive Medical Phoenix 4HD power scooter is ideal for you if you want good comfort but also the ability to take the scooter apart and with you in a car. This model allows you to use it around the house (non-marking tires), outdoors, or pack it up in the car and head out on a road trip.

  • Portability – 4HD can be disassembled into 4 pieces without much effort. When taken into pieces, the heaviest part (front part of the scooter) weighs 46 lbs.
  • Ergonomic throttle control – the hand controls on this scooter make a great option for people with limited hand strength. Ride in comfort instead of struggling to steer your chair.
  • Non-marking tires – if you use your chair around the house a lot you don’t want to be marking up your floors. The tires on this model are easy on your floors and also offer anti-tip protection.
  • Weight capacity – many travel scooters have a low weight capacity to make them more portable. Drive medical keeps the scooter portable while still making it accessible to people weighing up to 350 pounds.
  • Range – you can take the Phoenix 4HD on a cruise for up to 15 miles on a single charge.

If you’re looking for a solid all-around scooter that’s good for both indoors and outdoors as well as traveling and taking with you in your car then Drive Medical Phoenix 4HD Heavy Duty is your best choice.

This model does not come with a headrest so if you have neck problems keep that in mind. If you’re looking for maximum comfort then take a look at the next scooter on the list (Shoprider Sunrunner).


Weight129 lbs
Max speed4 MPH
Weight capacity350 lbs
Comes apart? (heaviest piece)Yes (46 lbs)
Max Range15 miles
Turning radius54″
Max climbing angle6 deg
ExtrasAdjustable tiller, adjustable seat, adjustable arm rests, ergonomic throttle
Warranty (frame, electronics, batteries)lifetime, 14 months, 6 months

Buy Drive Medical Phoenix Heavy Duty

2. Shoprider Sunrunner (Rating: 4.7)

Shoprider Sunrunner mobility scooter reviewThe Shoprider Sunrunner offers a great comfort for the price. This scooter comes completely assembled so all you have to do is plug it in, charge the battery, and then you are ready to go. The seat design allows for easy on and off access. The controls are very intuitive and this chair offers a smooth ride even on a rough terrain. This model really does offer it all and is a great mobility scooter if you’re looking for maximum comfort.

Key features:

  • Choose between the three or four-wheel design – if you need maneuverability in tight spaces you can go with the 3-wheel model. 4-wheel model gives more stability.
  • Headlight package – this model comes standard with a headlight for nighttime safety. Since scooters are low to the ground you want to make sure cars and bicycles can see you easily.
  • Deluxe folding captain’s seat- this seat is super comfortable and offers a headrest for long trips. When you’re ready to store it, it easily folds down which can make a big difference.
  • Controls – the controls are easy to see and allow you to adjust the speed with a twist of a dial. There is also a convenient battery indicator near the speed control.

Shoprider Sunrunner isn’t for you if you’re looking for maximum portability. On the other hand, if you’re looking for an all around good quality power scooter with excellent comfort and ease of use this is the model for you.


Weight180 lbs
Max speed5 MPH
Weight capacity300 lbs
Comes apart? (heaviest piece)No
Max Range25 miles
Turning radius50″
Max climbing angle8 deg (14%)
ExtrasDeluxe captains seat, full tiller shroud, rear view mirror & basket
Warranty (frame, electronics, batteries)limited lifetime, 12 months, 6 months

Buy Shoprider Sunrunner

3. Pride Mobility Go-Go Heavy Duty S74

Pride Mobility S74 mobility scooterIt’s great for outdoors. With four 3″ x 9″ solid wheels and an 80-inch turning radius. Runs well over grass and dirt. Probably a bit bulky for indoor use. You might want to look at other 3-wheel models for use indoors.

Comes with an 18-inch seat and a 325 lbs weight capacity making it not the most heavy duty machine out there, but nevertheless a good choice for someone 6 ft tall and more.

All-new frame design easily disassembles into 5 lightweight pieces for convenient transport and storage.

With a charger port in tiller (convenient off-board dual voltage charger can charge battery pack on-board or off-board), and standard front LED lighting.  Includes 2 sets of easily changeable colored panels in Red and Blue

It’s not the most heavy duty or fastest (4 MPH), nor is it the most lightweight and portable, but the S74 is most praised for its great quality and durability, good battery life and comfort.


Weight99.2 lbs
Max speed4.7 MPH
Weight capacity325 lbs
Comes apart? (heaviest piece)Yes (44 lbs)
Max Range12 miles
Turning radius50.5″
Max climbing angleN/A
ExtrasCharger port in tiller, Incl changeable colored panels (Red and Blue), one hand disassembly
Warranty (frame, electronics, batteries)limited lifetime, 24 months, N/A

Buy Pride Mobility S74

4. Drive Medical Spitfire Scout 4 (Rating 4.4)

Drive Medical Spitfire Scout scooter reviewDrive Medical Spitfire Scout offers excellent value for the price. If you want a lightweight, compact scooter that maneuvers well on a rough terrain all in an affordable package this is the scooter for you. Quick charging and a decent range make the Spitfire Scout perfect for outdoor ventures or trips to a supermarket.

  • Affordability- at less than seven hundred dollars this model offers great value while not sacrificing functionality.
  • Portability – the Spitfire Scout can be easily disassembled for transportation in car trunks see you don’t need a dedicated power chair lift installed on your vehicle.
  • Maneuverability – the compact four-wheel design ensures that you will be able to navigate tight corners without sacrificing stability.
  • Accessories – the Spitfire Scout is compatible with Drive medical cupholders, crutch holders, and interchangeable colored plates for customization. It also comes with an attached basket.

If you’re looking for a scooter that gets you out and going without breaking the bank, the Spitfire Scout is a great choice.


Weight94 lbs
Max speed4.25 MPH
Weight capacity300 lbs
Comes apart? (heaviest piece)Yes (39 lbs)
Max Range9 miles (12AH) | 15 miles (20AH)
Turning radius53.75″
Max climbing angle6 deg
ExtrasAdjustable tiller, adjustable seat, adjustable arm rests, ergonomic throttle
Warranty (frame, electronics, batteries)lifetime, 14 months, 6 months

Buy Drive Medical Scout Compact

5. Invacare Lynx L-4 (Rating 4.4)

Invacare Lynx L-4 power scooter reviewThe Invacare Lynx power scooter offers customization for maximum comfort at a very affordable price. The four wheel base means it can be easily used indoors or outdoors. If you have very narrow hallways this may not be a great indoor chair for you. This scooter is great for people who have difficulty lifting their legs as it is very low to the ground.

  • Customization – the Invacare Lynx offers the ability to change armrest width, seat height, and tiller angle. This gives you more freedom to find a comfortable fit without spending thousands of dollars for customized chair.
  • Versatility – with a 300-pound weight limit and a four wheel design with a sturdy base this chair can get you through your grocery shopping on a long walk around the neighborhood.
  • Tires – the tires on this model are a flat free design which means if you run over a nail or a sharp piece of glass will not pop air filled tire. Instead, these tires are filled with foam. While there may be a little more noise from the tires than you would get with air-filled ones, these are much more durable.
  • Price – at under eight hundred dollars you get a scooter you can easily modify the fit your body and comfort level. The 300-pound weight limit is more than sufficient for most users in a 7-mile range is very acceptable for general use.

If you’re looking for an everyday chair with great value and functionality the Invacare Lynx is an option you should consider.

Buy Invacare Lynx L-4

6. Active Care Spitfire 1420 EX (Rating 4.4)

Active Care Spitfire 1420 EX reviewThe best feature of the Active Care Spitfire is the ability to extend its range to up to 15 miles with optional heavy duty batteries. If you want the greatest range at an affordable price don’t overlook this chair. The stock batteries still offer a good range and the Spitfire can be disassembled for transportation.  You do need to purchase a wrench for disassembly so consider purchasing one when you buy. This scooter was designed with the active user in mind.

  • Range – this model has an excellent range if you’re willing to purchase the larger batteries. While it’d be great if the batteries were included, a 15-mile range makes the extra expense more than worth it.
  • Design – with four anti-tip wheels you can make the most out of your 15 miles. The open design also makes it easy to get on and off the chair. This is great if you plan on taking a chair vacation and want to move about see the sights.
  • Controls – the Active Care offers two options for speed control. You can either turn a dial or press the handle for more responsive speed changes. In situations where you need to adjust the speed frequently, this feels much more natural.
  • Adjustability – you can change the angle of the tiller and adjust the armrest or remove them entirely. If you are shopping or at a museum the freedom to remove the armrests can allow you to interact much more easily without getting up and down from the chair.

Buy Active Care Spitfire 1420 EX

10 Key Features to Consider When Buying a Power Scooter

  1. Maneuverability

    When looking for a power scooter you want to make sure the one you buy matches your needs. Some scooters do a great job of making sharp turns. If you plan on using your scooter mostly indoors this is especially important. You don’t want to get stuck trying to turn into another room. If your scooter will be mostly for outdoor travel you will want a model with more rugged wheels.

  2. Operating range

    Not all mobility scooters are created equal. If you plan on doing a lot of traveling with your scooter you will want one that has a large operating range, that is, one that can go many miles on a charge. Some scooters have an operating range around 10 miles while others can go up to 30 miles or more before needing to be recharged. If you only plan on taking your scooter to the grocery store or on an occasional trip around the neighborhood in lower operating range is probably fine. If you want to go explore the Grand Canyon you definitely want to find a model with a long operating range.

  3. Max speed

    The basic power scooters that you see provided in stores are often very slow. If you purchase your own mobility scooter you can choose a higher-speed model that may have a max speed of 20 miles an hour or more. If you have difficulty with your hands and precise steering movements you may want a slower scooter. A high-speed power scooter is great if you plan your scooter to get around town instead of car.

  4. Battery life

    Battery life is incredibly important. If you battery is dead you are not to go anywhere you want pay careful attention to battery life when shopping around. You may be able to replace the battery on your scooter with a higher powered model but it’s best to purchase a scooter that has a battery life that will meet your needs from the get-go.

  5. Warranty

    Hopefully, your mobility scooter will last you for many years. To get the most out of your scooter pay careful attention to the warranty. A good warranty means the manufacturer stands behind its product. Warranties may cover things like wheel malfunctions and seat cushions that wear out early. Often the warranty will pay for both labor and parts costs.

  6. Battery warranty

    Batteries on power scooters often covered by separate warranty. Is very important to understand how long your battery is under warranty as this may be one of the most expensive parts replace and is the most vital. If your insurance covered your power scooter they may require you to use it for five or more years before buying a new one. You want to make sure you’re covered if your battery goes out before that period ends.

  7. Portability

    If you plan to use your scooter only around the house you probably won’t need to worry too much about portability. However, most people user scooters both in the house and in town. Portability then becomes an important consideration. You want scooter you can get in and out of your car or load onto a car carrier. If portability is important, you might want to consider getting an electric wheelchair instead.

  8. Comfort

    A power scooter should give you the maximum independence possible. For this to happen you need to be comfortable in it. If the seat rubs or your back is uncomfortable chances are the scooter is just going to sit in your garage. You may want to consider an ergonomic seat and consult a physical therapist or other professional before you buy the scooter.

  9. Accessories

    Mobility scooters offer many different accessories depending upon the model. If you use crutches you want to find a scooter that has an attachable crutch holder. If you plan on using your scooter outdoors at night you will want one that has a headlight. Some scooters are also specialized for people who have difficulty using one of their hands. These scooters have special adapters for use with one hand. Depending on the brand you may also have a choice of color. If you’re going to use you scooter a lot get one that looks fun see you can enjoy riding in it.

  10. Cost

    Power scooters vary significantly in cost. The chair you choose will be dictated in part by how much you can afford or how much your insurance company is willing to pay. If you want to scooter that your insurance company does not cover they may pay up to their maximum amount and allow you to cover the rest. You may also have pay for accessories like headlights and crutch holders unless you have a doctor’s note stating that the accessory is medically necessary.

A power scooter can change your life. Walkers and manual wheelchairs can tire you out and trying to keep up with everyone on long trips can be exhausting.

Mobility scooters give you back your freedom whether that’s around town or on a road trip.

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  1. My grandmother has been needing to get a scooter. However, she has been struggling to decide on which one to get. I think she might be interested in the Shoprider Sunrunner. Thank you do much for your post.

  2. My grandmother is getting pretty old, and is having a hard time walking on her own. We wanted to find a scooter that would be a good fit for her so that she doesn’t have to walk as much. We like number 1 because it seems to have the most comfort and ease of use which is exactly what she needs. This may be well worth our investment, so thank you for sharing!

  3. We are interested In a Phoenix scooter :
    Captain chair that turns
    Husband can not walk/CHF/bone on Bone knees / c. Of the Liver/diabetic
    Aetna Medicare/.approved advantage
    Please get in touch asap

  4. I’m trying to find a long range scooter & one that can handle rough terrain since I go camping & travel on cruises & airplanes is there one out there

  5. recently I saw a 4-wheel mobility scooter that was completely closed-in by some kind of composite body it had doors plexiglass windows and even a wiper on the front windsheild.
    I would love to buy one of these for my dad (just turned 82) but I would like more info. I dont have an e-mail address so if you can find one could you please add it to your site.

    Thank you ever so much. James

    1. Hi James. Yes, there are models like that available. Thanks for pointing that out. They’re often called enclosed mobility scooters or cabin scooters. I will add a specific section for these models on this page today or tomorrow the latest, depending on how quickly I can get the information from the manufacturers etc.

    2. I’ve added a comparison table with the enclosed cabin scooter models. All the best with your choice and let me know you if you have any questions. Cheers, Mike

  6. I live in an area where it rains a lot, so I really like the concept of an enclosed cabin. It’s amazing that there are so many options available. I like your tip to check on a warranty before buying.

    1. Your best option would be a power chair with a joystick. Power chairs only require one hand to control while mobility scooters require two. Here’s a great model:
      However, there are some scooter models that come with a “delta tiller” and allow for speed etc adjustments with one hand. If a person can handle a mobility scooter with just one hand is very individual and I suggest you go to a brick-and-mortar store to test it out.

  7. So… I am torturing myself with my scooter decision. I have MS and have recently become unable to stand or walk for more than 10 minutes at a time. I am 52 years old. I’m small. Not frail but also not super strong. My main goal is independence. Want to go when and where I want! Balance is an issue as well as trunk stamina (need a supportive seat). However vain, I also don’t want to have the same red scooter that every elderly person in Atlanta has. I originally settled on the 3 wheel Tzora Titan. However I have been unable to actually see one in person or drive one. Is it ridiculous to expect to see more than just a picture or video online before I buy? This is a lot of money for me. I recently drove the Golden Buzz around EX extreme. Liked it very much. Also drove Pride Victory 10 LX. Too much horse for me! The two Pride models I was slightly interested in were the Go – Go LX and the folding gogo. So that’s what I know so far.

    1. What is the best of the folding scooters? Some look so similar I’m wondering if they are made by the same company…heartway has one, EV rider transport and auto folding.

    2. Is the Titan going to be too much horse for me like the victory?

    3. Im assuming I’ll need an interior lift for my small minivan size car.

    4. Can you point me in any direction? Any help appreciated.

    1. what is the best folding scooter? what is the weight? will i be able to put into the trunk of my car myself? i am 71 yrs old with back problems. have had 2 back surgeries. need to get outside after this terrible winter. thanks for your help

    2. I’m 58yo, I was shot in 1983. So I’ve had some years with these scooters. I used to have a pride go go scooter. Actually I’ve had 4. I never had a problem untill the last one. What made it really bad for me is pride wouldn’t honor their warranty even though the problems started almost immediately. I have a golden technology buzz around lite now. After 2 years it’s starting to show signs of wear. I’m going to take it for a check up this week. I have found if you use it all the time there life span is about 4-5 years so it’s first service after 2 years it’s normal. Functionally I think both are about the same. The way pride treated me was what got you me. I travel a lot and any of the fold up or break down scooters are approved for airline and Cruise lines. On a cruise the door to a regular cabin is to narrow to fit. Also in foreign countries make sure the hotel has elevators. Be carful with pride, they were not honest with me and it took a year before I decided I would buy a new one and give up the fight. They won. I lost a year.

  8. I am looking for a new scooter soon. I have Hereditary Spastic Paraparesis and have been in a scooter since 1999. I have had 2 rascal 3wheeled scooters and currently have a Golden 3wheel scooter. I have an accessible van so taking it apart is not an issue. I am independent as much as possible and I chose my current scooter because has a large foot/floor area for me to put groceries on or other things. So I’m looking for a 3wheel scooter that will enable me to use inside / outside and made strong (electronics and frame). Also, where would one get repairs on these different kinds of scooters? Should I buy one from a medical supply store (two are near me) to ensure repairs when needed?

  9. I am looking for someone to modify a scooter to run on the sand. Perhaps extend the axle for wider wheels to put on when going to the beach? Also need the torque changed to better go up inclines.

  10. My husband cannot stand or walk alone. He can transfer from a wheelchair to a walker. He is 6’4″ and weighs 250 pounds. What is the best scooter for him?

    1. Hi Tina. Will it be used mostly indoors or outdoors? A few long trips or lots of shorter ones? How important is the portability? E-Wheels EW-36 offers the longest range (45 miles) and comes with 4 powerful batteries but could be too bulky for indoor-only use and is quite heavy (200 lbs) to move around.

      1. Hi Mike, I am trying to decide between a EW36 or the EW38
        I have concerns about the braking system on the EW38. The few reviews I have read all say it’s very jerky, comes to a sudden stop etc.ive seen more reviews on the EW36 than I have on the Ew38.. I would appreciate any advice. Thanks, Rich

  11. I am looking for a scooter for my great grandmother who recently broke both of her femurs just above her knees. She is very small only 4’10”. It will be used mostly inside. What would be the best option?

    1. Hi Heather. I’m sorry to hear about your great grandmother. TravelScoot has a small model they call Junior but it’s quite pricey around $2,500. Another small scooter is the eWheels Mini but I have no personal experience with it. Or perhaps a power chair would be more suitable for her? Power chairs have smaller turning radius, better maneuverability and are often covered by Medicare.

  12. I am looking for a vehicle for my 26-year old daughter with intellectual delays (can read and write, but not to developmental level). She needs to be able to drive to work which is about 5 miles from home. She has a limited income and would need to drive in all kinds of weather, including snow and ice. Can you recommend something.

  13. Hi Looking to buy my father a mobility scooter, I have looked at the Invacare Comet and Pegasus. He needs a large machine as he has a fairly decent hill to drive up to get home. Which would you say would be better
    Thank you

  14. Hi.I have limited mobility and use crutches for anything more than 25yds so portability is crucial.I have what is probably the best transfolding scooter in the world.ATTO by moving life manufactured in Israel.look on you tube and you will see why it is the best.It folds/ unfolds in less than 30 seconds and really does fold to thesize of a small suitcase.fits the boot of the smallest car.Total weight 30kg but will split,heaviest half 16kg for putting in overhead locker on aircraft.(li-on batteries aircraft approved,certificate supplied).I am 12st.7lbs and 5ft 11 and it does everything i need.will take up to 15 stone however.It will go up (unofficially) a very steep hill,say 1 in5 absolutely at the same speed as normal (faster than walking speed).Rough ground and grass are no problem.The reviewers need to review this scooter as i scoured the web and could find no better fully portable scooter in the world.Incidentally range is about 10 miles/10hours and includes charging point for your phone/tablet/satnav.Expensive and rare but suppliers in most civi!ized countries.boughtmine off theweb without trial after seeing the youtube videos.Best thing i have ever bought,it,s changed my life,i now go practically anywhere as it goes on buses,trains,planes,ferries and every holiday.highly recommended

  15. Hi,

    I am looking for a scooter and have regular Medicare and BC and BS. I spoke to my physician and he stated I would NEVER get a scooter unless I have MS or something like that. Hullo doc….I broke my back, have rheumatoid arthritis, CFS, Fibromyalgia, have had a heart attack, have COPD, A Fib etc. Believe me, this isn’t all. I can’t stand for more than five minutes nor can I breathe if I try to walk. Presently I have had a wheelchair but can’t maneuver it myself, no upper body strength. OK, so do I have to be at Death’s Door to get something from the place where all of my money went for all of my life? I am 73, no spring chicken, but I am cooped up; all day, every day. I would like to be able to fit a scooter into the trunk of my car and go someplace. (Before I kick the bucket!) Thanks for any help you can offer.

    1. Lorraine, i’m sorry that your doctor told you that. i don’t know where you’re located, and the process of getting one covered via your local disability ministry will differ depending on where you are, but it’s generally not the case that you have to have MS or similar to get a mobility scooter. And if you’re not having to go through the government, you can get any darn thing you want. Your post was a few months ago, has anything changed?

      1. Romham: LOL My post was exactly a year ago and yes, everything changed. I listened to my physician in Myrtle Beach, SC and purchased a three wheel scooter, with my money, which is now sitting, all apart, in the trunk of my car becaue I am an idiot. I bought a three wheel Pride Mobility scooter, red, pretty and still, after a year, brand new. Took it on one trip, a cruise, and though it made my cruise much more pleasant I realized that’s because I didn’t have to take it apart, put it together, take it apart, put it together…on and on ad infinitum…It is much too heavy for me to assemble/disassemble myself so when I go somewhere I go only where the stores already have scooters.
        I am sure that when I get older and stay put, not running around shopping and going places, that it’ll work for me so I can keep it assembled, drive down a block to the beach or go across the street to the market. Meanwhile, it has saved me a load of money. I don’t make any big purchases anymore….no room in the trunk. See Ronham, every cloud has a silver lining! ; )

  16. TravelScoot is lighte than the SmartScoot, much more compact than the SmartScoot, and is the standard for airports. This site only takes reviews of of Amazon, not premium brands.

  17. I would like to suggest some more categories for your review:
    I currently have a Pride Victory 10 4 wheel mobility scooter which has brought 2 of these three suggestions to light.
    The first category would be suspension. The Victory 10 has a 5.25 MPH max speed with a 15-20 mile range (do-able), but with the lack of suspension capacity that speed on side-walks with the transition between side walk sections forces you to operate with a .5 to 2 MPH speed. Literally these small gaps in sidewalk transitions jar both you and the scooter itself.
    The second category is weather resistance. They tell you not to let the tiller get wet. So it is no good if it’s raining. Also, what if you get caught in a surprise rain when your out? I guess I’m stuck in a situation where I can walk a block with 5 minute rests between. Not good.
    The final category would be “ALL-TERRAIN”. Bottom line is outdoors is where I like to be such as woods, camping, hunting, fishing, and the beach. I have not seen a review here on this particular aspect. I do see one product that does interest me. That is the Terrain Hopper (now in the USA) but the price tag is an obstacle in itself. Some may be able to afford the $18,000 starting price, but that is just not the case for me. There may be other products out there I’m not aware of priced to be more affordable that could be suitable for what I’m looking for.
    Please consider a review for these three category areas.

    Eric S.

  18. What do you know about the Afikim 4 wheeler? I want a 4 wheeler with a double seat for riding at airshows and suitable trails like wildlife and lakefronts, Thanks Steve

  19. Why have you left out the Atto mobility scooter by MovingLife? Unlike any of the ones on your list, this is the ONLY one that folds into a rolling suitcase configuration in less than 30 seconds. As long as the user is a little bit mobile (can walk short distances) one can quickly fold this, all in one piece, for taking into a restaurant, on an escalator, or into a small elevator. For lifting into a car, it easily breaks into just 2 pieces, 36 pounds and 25 pounds. The advantages, to me, make it far more useful for travel than any other scooter.

  20. Hi. Some advice would be nice. I’m looking for a 4 wheel scooter that can easily be taken apart and placed into the trunk of a car, yet is heavy duty enough to handle 335 lbs. I’m a big fella but most scooters I find that are easily mobile do not rate for my weight. Regardless of cost, do you have a suggestion on a scooter that I might like. Long battery life is important to me as well.

  21. My mom is about to turn 82 and just moved into an apartment complex for seniors. I would like recommendations for a scooter so that she can go visit others in the complex or go to the office to pick up her mail. She can walk some distance but gets tired easily. Looking for something affordable and reliable. Thank you.

  22. i am 81 years old. i have a bad lower back and bad knees. i am 6ft 3 in tall 220 lbs. i need a swivel heavy duty seat. it would mainly be used for trips to outside affairs. zoos parks and so forth. which scooter would you receomed. i also need easy breakdown. 4wheel preferred.

    1. I think so,you can receive this model Drive Medical Phoenix 4HD Heavy Duty. Which you recommendation product.

  23. Since i have NO dealers near,i had to order on line., i got a PROWLER 4 WHEEL BECAUSE IT HAS SPRINGS AND SHOCKS AND AIR TIRES,I HAVE A BAD BACK. IT STILL HURTS WITH EVERY LITTLE BUMP. i woun’t order again unless i could try it FIRST. AN DON’T BELIEVE THAT CRAP ABOUT MILES, prowler says 24 miles. I GET ABOUT 5 MILES.

  24. I am 66 years old and have peripheral neuropathy and have difficulty walking and I am researching different scooters. Do you have any information on a Armada Battalion 60 v scooter and are 3 wheel scooters a lot less stable than 4 wheel?

  25. Will be traveling to the Far East in 2019. I am looking at a Smart Scoot portable to purchase and use. Has the brake conditions been corrected by the company since there were complaints about these. Also, is there both a machine warranty and lithium warranty.
    Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.
    PS: what is the maximum weight of a person for use of this scooter?

    1. If you’re looking to travel, especially on a plane, I would strongly advice that your scooter has a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) that can be given to your preferred airline. Only certain scooters will come with that certification. I’ve seen some folding portable scooters (Brio) made by Heartway which is certified for flights that might be something worth looking at. The max weight cap is 115kg if you’re wondering. Hope this helps :)

  26. The TravelScoot is lighter and more compact than the SmartScoot. It just isn’t sold on Amazon. Their Shopper model only weighs 16 pounds for the frame, six for the seat, and four for the battery, making it the world’s lightest scooter. The Deluxe model is also great and is the best and lightest scooter for travel. These Amazon review sites aren’t the greatest.

    1. I am 80 years old with severe oesteo in both knees & now a broken Ankle . I need a scooter for indoor use that will manage tight corners, doorways & can also go outside.

  27. Does anyone make a 4 wheel scooter where the seat back folds forward and the steering mechanism folds so it could be wheeled/driven into the back of a SUV? Are there any specs on how high the units are when folded? Looking for a unit with decent range.

  28. I need a mobility scooter on which I can travel long distances as well. I always love to travel but with age, it has now become very difficult. So, would like to buy such kind of scooter on which I can travel wherever I want without anybody’s help.

  29. Traveling long distances, comfort and speed are the criteria I am looking for in the mobility scooters. Thanks for providing genuine reviews. It will be now easy for me to select the right scooter.

  30. Hi, I’ve has MS for 40 years and it’s getting harder for me to walk any distances. I’ve had a lynx scooter for 20 years and it’s wearing out. I would like my new scooter to have bigger wheels so it’s not so close to the ground. I’m also a little vain and would like it to be different style wise…not so normal (kinda like me).. what are your suggestions ?

  31. I don’t know it it is practical to consider having extra batteries but I wonder about this because it can take such a long time for them to recharge. Also, how much does below freezing weather sap the length of time that batteries last? Do manufacturers list battery recharge time in their specs, even ball park times?

  32. Not a single rating involving weather proofing we have a pride scooter for my Dad if it looks like rain it quits for days sometimes people that are handicapped can’t always get a full cover on and you never know when rain is coming unbelievable not a single company makes a water tight scooter motor cycle companies and even lawn mower’s have better reliability these are supposed to be built for the handicapped come on now

  33. I was looking for mobility scooters and I came to know about your site. It really helped me to understand the features of mobility scooters. Thanks for helping me out to find the best mobility scooter. I am going to order now.

  34. hi I am looking for a scooter, to hold up to 325 pounds, long battery life, ability to get a second battery to swap it out if needed, self folding so it fits easily in the trunk of my car, and the ability to go up and down curbs as I live in NYC.

  35. My mother has limited movement in both legs. Using a walker is too much energy at this point. It takes her 20 min to go 30 feet. Is a mobility scooter right for her. I know she will need assistance in transferring. Her legs don’t reach the foot rest when she tried one as well. Thanks for your advice.

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